We are also actively engaged in the wider community.

Association for New Canadians
Adjusting to a new city can be difficult and it can be overwhelming for new Canadians who struggle with culture shock, homesickness, language barriers, and social isolation. For the past several years we have been partnering with the Association for New Canadians to provide new Canadian families with Christmas gift hampers to help them adapt to their new, often colder surroundings. Recently we have hosted monthly meals shared between our women’s groups as a way to make connections and build friendships.

Outreach to Seniors
Senior citizens have given so much to our church and society and we feel it is important to give back to them. We have communion services at Holyes-Escasoni complex and Margaret’s Manor and have a group of volunteers that serve tea at St. Luke’s Home. We also have a Ride Ministry that connects those that need a ride to church with volunteers to drive them. We also host an Experienced Drivers Workshop in partnership with Safety Services NL.

Emmaus House Foodbank
Emmaus House is a joint food sharing venture with the Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, St. Michael's Anglican Church, the Roman Catholic Basilica, St. Patrick's, and St. Thomas'. This is the largest and most active Food Bank in the province. Donations of non-perishable foods to Emmaus House are accepted at our church and taken to the food bank on a regular basis. Each year our confirmation class visits Emmaus House Food Bank to learn how it serves its clients.

Rector’s Discretionary Fund
Oftentimes we are called upon to respond to needs for assistance. Some of these may be of an emergency nature. The Rector’s Discretionary Fund provides a valuable source of confidential funding. These needs cover a wide range of possibilities, and also cover costs associated with Christmas hampers, ANC hampers and other projects throughout the year. To give to the fund please visit the Give section of our website.