At St. Mark’s children play an important role in the life of our faith community. The old adage “Children should be seen and not heard” definitely does not apply here. We want children to be themselves and we want parents to be comfortable and feel at home. Children bring joy and an energy to worship that we celebrate and cherish at St. Mark’s.

Sunday School
We have a dedicated group of teachers who will care for your children and lovingly pass on the Christian faith to them. Our aim is for Sunday School to be fun and help children learn the stories of the bible. We also want to help children make connections with their faith and everyday life. Each year during Advent and Lent our children take part in a special project to help raise awareness, funds and supplies for local and global initiatives. In the past we’ve had a food drive for a local food bank, bought goats for families in developing countries and blankets for children in refugee camps. The joy and excitement that these projects create are contagious to the rest of the congregation and show the children they have an important role to play.

A few years ago we realized that we needed a safe, fun place for babies and toddlers to play, but also a place that didn’t exclude them and their parents from worship. We are so proud of our new space. Parents can see and hear what’s going on in worship and children can play and have fun. If you have any questions please call or email the office 726 3213 or